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Consultancy – Our design and consultancy service provides expert advice on security & data infrastructure at any point in the process. This can include the preliminary design stage of a new building, the refurbishment of an existing facility or simply an office reconfiguration.

Our experienced, qualified team can help you design the infrastructure from the bottom up, retaining data security at the forefront of all plans. Our expert guidance will safeguard against data breaches and ensure that your business runs efficiently.

We are often involved at the very initial stages of building development, advising on the distribution of cabinets and special separation requirements. Similarly, we regularly work with companies who are moving or expanding and need support configuring the framework of their electrical and cabling systems.

Design – We are experienced at working as part of the client design team, assessing the requirements of the project and providing a full specification. The team can liaise with
department heads, finding a secure solution that works for the whole business.

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