Electrical Services

ISSI’s Electrical Project Services Division delivers design and installation services configured around the nuances of secure comms environments and the specialist requirements associated with mains filtering, isolation, earthing and installation practices surrounding TEMPEST compliance. Our team of cleared electrical technicians and engineers deliver installation services for AC and DC power requirements within offices and data centres.

Our services are delivered in accordance with BS7671 from mains intake to small distribution boards, ladder racks, cable trays, armoured cables, conduit, trunking, singles wiring, plus wiring in other specialised cables subject to MICE (Mechanical, Ingress, Climatic/Chemical and Environmental) conditions.

We deliver construction and refurbishment projects for the Government, MOD, FCO and main contractors in line with the JSP604 Leaflet 4800 and TEMPEST requirements. We provide documentation in accordance with SCIDA hierarchy through the Engineering Change Request (ECR) processor Cabinet Office Guidelines.

Electrical Core Services Include

Survey and Specification

Survey and Specification of Electrical Safety requirements within office infrastructures and data centres, with corrective actions where needed.

New Installations

New installations within network equipment rooms (NERs) and upgrades to existing layouts to comply with the latest standards.

We provide schematics and drawings in AutoCAD format, with a PDF version for those without that software capability.

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