Project E

Client Brief: The design of the ICT infrastructure shall make provision for future changes to the layouts of the workspace and to support regular layout and equipment changes within the enclosures.
Project E involved the refurbishment of the Ground, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors. The shallow depth of the floor space required us to redesign the originally tendered design which incorporated consolidation points from which the client was expected to install umbilical’s to each desk position as and when the dynamics of operational spaces required change. The practicalities of this design were highlighted at our first design team meeting where we were invited in to comment on the specification as we had highlighted possible issues in the tender stage.
ISSI highlighted that this system would not work for the clients dynamic working spaces as it placed the client in the position of needing to lift large amounts of carpet and floor tiles across zones which would negate the separation required for COMSEC. Our new design proposal placed the cabling and containment infrastructure in a way to provide a more balanced distribution of the various networks, enabling spaces to be redefined quickly and with less upheaval and no umbilical cabling requirements. Thus reducing the overall project cost from the original tendered design. Part of the design required cabling to EMC rooms providing voice, access control and specialist  fibre optic cabling through waveguides and filters.
Product set Leviton Brand Rex
7,248 CAT6A F/UTP Cables
34 x 45U Data / Server Cabinets
100Pr x Voice Backbone for legacy systems
888 x OM3 / OS2 fibre terminations at various locations
No of Phases, 4
No of Floors: 4  
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